Blocked Drain: Do-It-Yourself or Call A Plumber?

Understanding what can and cannot be washed down the drain can be confusing. It can seem to make sense to tip excess oils, fats and food particles down the drain. In fact, this is the best way to block up your drains.

Oils and grease will sit and collect in one spot among other items like soap, toothpaste and hair products. Once they stick to the sides they will collect other particles that come past each time you empty the sink.

Without getting regular cleaning and maintenance done on your drains your pipes will just get blocked and will cause so many problems in the near future.

If you have a block you may have considered unblocking it yourself so you didn’t have to ring a plumber and deal with the extra costs. This may seem like a good idea however it can be dangerous and can lead to extra repairs needing to be carried out.

Blocked Drains

The main danger when trying to clear blocked drains can come from using products like drain cleaner chemicals. Drain cleaning accidents often occur due to improper use and not having the correct know-how. These chemicals can contain acid which will burn the skin significantly on impact. Chemical burns will keep burning the skin until they are washed off completely.

The strong chemicals that are used within drain cleaners are supposed to dissolve the build-up that is causing the block. So, you can imagine what it will do when it comes into contact with human flesh. On these bottles, you will find a list of safety recommendations when using the stuff but sadly these get ignored which is what causes the accidents. If you are unfamiliar with using these types of products you should consult a licensed plumber to come to your home and fix the problem to avoid any emergencies.

Getting a plumber to unblock a clogged drain vs doing it yourself

So you have a blocked drain, what is next?

A blocked drain can be very frustrating, of course, and you need to put your safety and your families first. It may seem easy to conduct a DIY job for unblocking a drain with options like boiling water and bi-carb and vinegar and these are quite safe to try at home yourself. When you are dealing with more harsh products if the above two don’t work firsthand, it may indicate there is a large blockage that will need to be seen to by a professional.

If you have a blocked drain the plumbing experts will come to your home and conduct an inspection and will let you know what the problem is and how much it could cost you. They use the latest CCTV technology to check through the pipes to find the blockage and will then find the best plan of action to take to eliminate the problem.

Blocked drains can be complicated which is why you should not use harsh chemicals not just due to the fact it is harmful but also it can cause damage to your pipes which can lead you up to needing new pipes installed which is very costly.

Safe home remedies like plunging are safe to try yourself but if they do not work then seek professional help to avoid any further damages to yourself or the pipework.

Blockages that you can’t solve yourself

If your toilet won’t flush or there is any wastewater infused in your home, you may have a clogged or leaky sewer. Learn who can help and what you should do next.

In case you have wastewater overflowing everywhere on your premises or any harm has been caused call 13 13 75 immediately. This line is attended 24 hours a day, 7 days per week to provide consultation and help you with any problems in the water engineering system.

If you believe it might be an inner congestion on your property pipes — or if you have already called your local water corporation and you have been told that a bigger problem might be the case — you will have to call your plumber.

Where does the responsibility lie?

Depending on the location of this sewer blockage the obligation will fall upon you to fix the matter. Wastewater (or sewer) blockages within the property plumbing are the home owner’s responsibility. When a blockage is in the infrastructure construction (normally a bit further away from the home), it is the Water Corporation’s responsibility.

In case it turns out that the congestion is in our sewer, then the plumber will call us and notify that a Water Corporation crew is required to clear the blockage. We pay the plumber a typical fee for finding congestion.