Art Deco Interior Design

If you wish to incorporate Art Deco interior design into your home, there are a few simple ways you can achieve this opulent interior design style. Art Deco design involves visual and powerful expression that previously arose in France after World War I. It highlights parts of Egyptian, French, and Mediterranean culture with geometric features and energetic and bright hues. The strong and clear geometric elements, evenness, and metallic highlights create an image of the Great Gatsby film in the minds of many. It creates a strong sense of luxury and opulence. The present interpretation of the refreshed Art Deco style is strongly energetic and stylish. For inspiration, we’ve made a convenient guide that will assist you to achieve an Art Deco interior design style.

Art Deco theme

Characteristic and geometric themes are highlighted vigorously in Art Deco interiors. If we talk about modern-day Art Deco interior designers, they believe that the space should be loaded up with features like metallic mirrors and decoration, bold wallpaper and components such as taxidermy. Interesting prints and patterns are essential in an Art Deco room. These types of bold features and styles are all about making a dramatic and artistic statement.

Be bold 

You can be as bold as you what when it comes to residential interior design options. At the point when you start to consider Art Deco interior design; dark, white, silver and gold colours may come immediately to mind for the theme. Strong and profound gemstones have a remarkable stance in current Art Deco designs. Hues in Art Deco are striking with a great deal of differentiation, so it is not for the faint-hearted or minimalists. Deep and splendid yellows, greens, pinks, reds, and blues blend well in with chrome, silver, grey and black. However, if you need something light and soft, attempt creams and beiges, which are frequently utilised in lounge rooms, lounge areas, and rooms in Art Deco houses. These colours are suitable and go great with polished wood and furniture. 

Unique furniture  

Art Deco furniture will, in general, be enormous in scale. Don’t be hesitant to purchase large pieces of furniture. Sideboards, armoires, and liberally sized seats are welcomed. Look for furniture that is solid and has streamlined shapes without any ornamentation. Furniture made of intriguing woods and fascinating mirrors pieces are the best choices for an Art Deco interior space.


Remember that floors in the Art Deco period would have been overlaid with huge carpets with geometric shapes. Therefore, don’t hesitate to follow this. Lacquered flooring with high shine is an ideal tribute to the Art Deco design period. Polished parquet flooring in a dim wood will be beautiful for your space.


Textures and strong geometric shapes are used in modern Art Deco interior design. Layering is an essential technique when it comes to creating this look. White, black, and gold decoration items are complemented by softer velvety textures so a space doesn’t look too harsh. Soft accessories or a jewel design with pink or red accents are flattering. Edge windows with stylish drapes in a gold-bronze silk mix, add a genuine pinch of extravagance to space.  

Display artwork

Bold paintings, sculptural table lights and unique room furniture make a home feel inspiring. Bring these components into your space for an Art Deco feel. 

Use mirrors 

Mirrors look incredibly glamorous in an Art Deco style home, and Art Deco style alternatives can generally be found easily. Lavish mirrors make any room look brighter and even bigger. You can make Art Deco statements in your home by using a mirror in your space alone.