Making your home nice for self-isolation

Many of us are taking social distancing seriously. There are so many that are preparing themselves to self-isolate to avoid catching the horrid Coronavirus that is spreading across the globe rapidly. There is not much control that we have when it comes to controlling the virus other than to stay home and away from other people. While we are doing what we can, we are also trying to make our home lives as comfortable as possible. This can be achieved by keeping our home spaces organised, neat and tidy. If you are the type of person who sits at home trying to decide how to get a little inspiration in your home during the isolation period, then read our tips below.

Make yourself a versatile home office 

Many of us are taking steps to work from home if possible. Some people may already have a designated work area if they tend to do much work at home. Some don’t, and they will need to get a little creative when it comes to setting something up. Your office interior design will influence productivity.

An obvious place that you can start is with the kitchen table. If you are avoiding the shops and don’t currently have a desk, then the kitchen table is the next best thing. If you have people who eat at the table, you could consider sectioning off a part just for your workspace.

If you have a coffee table or small trays, you could let the children eat in the lounge room or elsewhere while this pandemic is going on to allow you to have more room to work at the kitchen table. If you are still visiting the shops but don’t want to invest in a desk as you are planning to go back to work when the virus is over, consider fold-up tables. You could either use these for people to sit at and eat, then pack them away or put them in a corner somewhere to make do as your workspace.

Don’t worry about throwing stuff away yet

If you are self-isolating, then you won’t be leaving home to get rid of items at the recycle yard or donate to charity shops. Yes, you can still declutter your home and store the items that you don’t want until is it safe to leave your home. You can find a small space in your home to place the items you don’t want, or maybe you have a shed that you could store them in until you dispose of them at a later date.┬áThe decor and design of a room will have a significant impact on your mood so get rid of clutter and over-crowding.

Try to tidy up within a routine

When you are self-isolating, keeping to a routine as much as you can is helpful, especially for those with children. Consider tidying up the home before you go to bed so you can enjoy waking up and enjoying a hot coffee in a clean and organised environment. Get everyone to pitch in and help to get it done quicker. A good idea is to leave a box or basket somewhere in your home and add the names of everyone in the home to them. When something gets found, it can be placed in the basket with the person’s name on it. Once bedtime comes, the basket is then taken to their room, eliminating a mess in the living areas.

You mustn’t feel pressured into doing these things. Make decluttering fun and turn it into a game or a challenge if you have children. You are home, so make use of the time that you have productively and even consider taking on a DIY task to improve the look of your home.