How to generate innovative marketing ideas for your Gym

When you open up a gym you face the excitement and you can’t wait to check out the new facility and get organised with the equipment. Is that going to be enough to get people to sign up for a membership? Have you thought about how you are going to draw in new members and keep the member you have now, come back and sign on for another year of membership?
This is where marketing comes into play. If you are not using marketing efficiently you will be forgotten about and potential members won’t even be looking for your gym at all. If there is no marketing, then your gym is not interesting enough to draw people in.
Here is where the internet gives businesses plenty of ideas on how to market themselves and most will require less money than the huge billboard campaigns and radio ads. 

Here are some great fitness industry marketing ideas that can help to draw a crowd in:

Referrals get current members a reward

Referral marketing is a great way for a business to market itself. You need to sign on members who will be able to find a friend or family member who would be happy to accompany them to the gym. The customers love getting the rewards and it gets more people joining. Referrals can be coupons, free merchandise if you have a store and percentages off membership renewals. It can sometimes also be in the form of buddy/ couple offers where a bulk discount is provided for the two.

Body building

Streamlining the payment process

Online bill payments and recurring is a win for the gym and the members. This is a simple way for members to pay their membership monthly. The gyms software will ensure that you get paid on time without the hassle. Members love payment plans so ensure that you include this in your marketing plan that there is payment period available.

Referrals from doctors

If you have a good relationship with your doctor you can ask him if he would refer patients to your gym, overweight and those at risk for diabetes should be referred to a gym. Provide places like doctor’s offices and hospitals with your brochures that people can read while waiting for their appointment. Innovative marketing can simply be being backed by a doctor or nurse. Word of mouth is a powerful tool in this case. Hence it becomes important for you to maintain good relations with health institutions and medical centres for reliable referrals and an increased customer base and loyalty.

Promotional summer body

Successful gyms often take advantage of using summer body as a special. After the holiday season is when most people become dissatisfied with themselves and often make new year’s resolutions to get back into shape. Promote challenges on social media and offer a free membership or cash prize to the person who lost the most weight.

Text code generators for creating coupons

If you have seen a company advertising with a text code that is used for a special promotion, then that company is doing the correct thing. Specials with text codes are a simple way to market your gym business and bring in new potential interest.

Co-marketing your gym

This means using a type of marketing where different companies join together to help promote each other. For example, gyms can co-work with a supplement company or fitness gear so then the audience is exposed to both companies.

There are many ways to market your gym you just got to be prepared to put the time and effort into it. You won’t gain plenty of customers overnight but by researching and doing the marketing the right way, you will see your gym business grow.