The Importance of Hotel Storytelling

One of the simplest ways to construct a connection between a customer and a hotel is creating a trusted and persuasive brand. However, what exactly does it take to produce a new hotel brand that creates trust?

Well, that is what we’re here to assist you with!

In this blog, we are going to share ways in which to construct your brand for your resort through real history and stories, and we are going to have a good look at resorts out there which already breath and live the narrative of their storytelling hotel product.

Let us start!

The way to tell a story with your resort’s brand

Ideally you would like to make sure your brand’s story reaches as far as possible – and in order to do so you want to be certain it feeds into each facet of your branding strategy.

From digital and traditional content to social media – the narrative of your resort brand needs to shine for all your clients to see.

In addition, to attain real brand narrative success, you will need to guarantee the narrative sticks into their hearts and memories of your audience.

The story you portray has to be the very first thing that comes to mind when a potential lead considers your resort. But how do you make an effective brand narrative?

The following are some resort branding case studies which exemplify storytelling success.

Hotel Indigo

When you stop by the Hotel Indigo website, you will notice immediately that they have an entire page on their site specialising in the Hotel Indigo narrative and the resulting brand.

For customers in the marketplace that are trying to find a holiday experience where they actually get to learn how the natives live, Hotel Indigo has proven through their brand story to be the best placed hotel to visit.

They have achieved this by supplying small perks like supplying insider information on destinations on their website and this is only one of the means that Hotel Indigo promote their new narrative to their clients.

Macq01 Resort

Another brand that steals the branding story show is Macq01 hotel one of the best hotels in Hobart Tasmania.

They also have an ‘our story’ page on their website. If you visit the home page you’ll discover that they have a whole page dedicated to portraying the history and story of the hotel and the area it is situated in, and from there you’ll get a great sense of the history and the occasion of staying in at the hotel.

Making your resort brand narrative

You want to find what it is about your brand that stands out and then write it right into a story that your resort guests will remember and want to relive again and again.

Make sure it is something that is unique to your resort and apply it across all marketing mediums. Everything should talk to your narrative until customers begin talking about it themselves without having to be encouraged.

Your branding is your voice for your organisation, so ensure that your branding narrative tells the story of what is most valuable to your resort.

You will be onto a new story winner very quickly!

The advantages of telling your story through the brand

Well, branding is about ensuring your hotel is unforgettable. It is also about standing out to the audience and creating trust.

A narrative can do so very effectively, and after you manage to successfully construct a marketable story that is true to your hotel, you will then begin to entice people back to the hotel again and again.